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M54 DISA Valve Repair kit BMW has increased the price of the OEM DISA from the original price of $239.

Once I took the DISA valve out I noticed that it s cable and plug was not there and there is no plug or cable around. thinking there both faulty i buy one off ebay.

The car was stopping on idle unless I pushed the gas pedal.

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. . The Differenzierte Sauganlage (DISA) valve was first included with BMW vehicles in 1995.

Check around at various shops and you will see a lot cheaper then dealer. Jan 7, 2014 · wondering if you could help me with my E36 318i 1998 M43 4cyl iv got a clicking noise from my disa valve so i went and got one from the scrap yard fitted it got same clicking noise so i unplugged the electrical connector tested voltage at 13.

BMW Part Number: 11 61 1 438 404 / 11 61 1 435 715 / 11 61 1 247 202.


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M43 engine knocking, crackling and noise.
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May 28, 2017 · "G. S. Quick video to show where the DISA valve is located. . . Subscribe.

On 0-100 run my time is 13-14s, very slow acceleration in the first gear.

The DISA valve draws 160 mAmps which corresponds to 2 Watts. It was eventually retired in 2006 when the M54 engine was discontinued.

Disa Valve - BMW E46 3-Series Sedan - M43 - All Models.

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